Here at MN Fire Hemp (the “Company”, “Us”, “We” “Our”), your privacy is important to us. We pride ourselves in our commitment to protect your sensitive information and right to discretion. Together, through our joint compliance with this policy, we can ensure that your needs and best interests are being met with dedication and privacy.

This policy pertains to and describes the types of information we may collect from you and the information you may provide when you visit MN Fire Hemp Website”), as well as our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, securing and sharing such information.

Our policies apply to the information collected:

-On our website and its various pages.

-In email, text and other forms of digital communications between you and the elements of our website.

-Through mobile and desktop applications downloaded from this website, such as cookies, which assist us in providing dedicated interaction between you and our website.

-When you engage our advertising and applications on third-party websites and services, such as those operated by our partners, affiliates and subsidiaries. Our policies only cover information collected from advertisements and applications that specifically include links to our policies.

Our privacy policy does not apply to information collected by:

-MN Fire Hemp via offline exchanges or through any other means, such as from any other website we operate or any third-party platform (including our partners, affiliates and subsidiaries); or

-any third party (including our partners, affiliates and subsidiaries), through direct or indirect means, including through any platform, application or content (including digital advertisements and physical advertising materials) that may connect to or be otherwise accessible from or on our website.

Please read this policy and any others pertinent to the reason for your visit to our website carefully. It is imperative that you understand our policies, practices and procedures regarding the information we collect from you, how we will treat it and how it may or may not be used.

If you do not agree to our policies and practices, your only choice available is to not use our website. By entering, browsing and utilizing our website and its pages, you implicitly agree to this privacy policy and consent to its terms. This policy and any others posited by MN Fire Hemp  may be subject to change occasionally and without prior notice. After such changes have been implemented, your continued use of this website and its pages, and your consequential access to our products and services, shall be considered your consent to and acceptance of this policy and its terms.

Please check our policies periodically, as they may change at any time.